Why forditas.hu translation agency?

Our translation agency has an extensive network of translators, in order to be able to keep our promises! We believe that professional expertise and profound language skills are the foundation stones of impeccable translation.

Why forditas.hu translation agency?

There is a misconception that translation agencies are expensive! Get a quote and we will surprise you!

Yes, there are translation agencies which are expensive. But, just like all generalizations, this does not reflect the full reality either! Why don’t we do some calculation? Let’s do some calculation! Take the time and effort – which can be saved if you assign a team of professionals – as the basis. You do not have to seek for days and keep on persuading the freelancer translator that your urgent translation cannot be delayed. The loss of confidence which may occur due to incorrect translations, may cause priceless harm, not to mention the potential financial damage. Now let’s see the numbers. Get a quote from any individual translator. Then get a quote for the same document from our translation agency! (Please use the menu item ‘Get a quote’.) Considering the above, you will be surprised by the end result!

Reliable translations, ready for immediate use according to your needs, at a very fair price with regard to the market conditions! Let us prove all this to you! There can be dramatic differences between two translations. It really matters how you experience the drama! Believe us, we have already seen entrepreneurs paying contractual penalties of several hundred thousands of forints due to a single sentence of a contract, translated in the wrong way. I think you have already guessed that it was not our client! An innocent mistake entails serious consequences. You do not have to commit this mistake!

Complex solutions at one place

Translation in a time-consuming and complex task, and its performance requires complex knowledge. Of course, the interpretation and translation of simply formulated and short texts can be done by stable language skills, however, the interpretation of longer texts formulated in natural language style, according to the preferences of the speaker and the interpretation of its correlations requires a much more serious work.

In addition to excellent language skills, our translators have complex skills and abilities, such as the outstanding short-term memory or the ability to think in the framework of a system. As a result of this, translations prepared by us are not only accurate but they create a text, too, which can be interpreted in a complex way.

Translation is a basically non-creative work, though it obviously requires some creativity. During the formulation of a translation, the key objective is not to create a new, original and unique text but, in fact, to create a replica of the text in the foreign language. The text formulated by our translators is perceived by the reader also in the requested language in a way as if it had been written in the reader’s own language, furthermore, it conveys the same atmosphere as the original text.

Our translation agency guarantees exactly this precision and the creativity required for it. Our work covers a wide range of text types, starting from simple private letters to difficult, technical translations in the given language.

The price of the translation varies depending on the text. Its basic measurement unit is the number of characters, i.e. the price is determined primarily based on the length of the text to be translated. In addition to this, however, a determining factor can be the type of the text, the source and target language, respectively, the deadline requested by the client.

Our translation agency employs a number of highly professional people who are able to formulate both professional and official documents in a wide variety of languages. A great advantage of this type of work is that, if necessary, by using intermediary languages, it is possible to perform translations from any foreign language to another foreign language, too; and thanks to the common work of our translators, the potential interpretation problems or differences, caused by the intermediary language can be eliminated, too.

Windmills, which make your life difficult! Fast and easy website translations!

More and more businesses start focusing on foreign markets, too. It is therefore essential to ensure that a website is available in more languages. Unfortunately, businesses tend to commit the mistake of assigning a friend, a university student or – God forbid – a high-school student with this task. These translators do not guarantee authenticity! Remember that a potential foreign partner will judge your business based on what they read on your website! Are you sure that you wish to rely on a “professional barbarian” instead of a qualified professional?

A helpless, erratic interpreter only disturbs your work and does not help it!

Unfortunately, we have seen many times also during TV broadcasts that the interpreter cannot cope with their task. Of course, there may be technical reasons for this, but we cannot exclude comprehension or concentration errors either. In this field, experience means the security for which you’d rather hire an interpreter. You have to select carefully, asking for references in order to avoid any unpleasant, stressful situations.

Are you looking for a partner for a confidential translation? Would you like to have your special text translated by a real professional?

A translation agency with a skilled and experienced team is the guarantee for ensuring that the content and message of the text to be translated is fully delivered to the user. Translation is nothing more than your image in a foreign language! Do you find a precise, demanding look important? Do you need proficiency in your business communication? Assign this responsibility to a professional!

5 reasons why you should choose us from among the high number of translation agencies:

Professional experience of many years, proven professionals – since you deserve quality for your money.

Professional preparedness and profound language skills are the foundation stones of impeccable translation.

An extensive network of translators, in order to be able to keep our promises!

Reliability and adherence to deadlines are elementary rules of business life.

Affordable, competitive prices as we would not like to empty your wallet but we wish to get your trust!

Some feedback from our partners:

Fair job at a fair price.

– Pál Edina, Office manager
Mondi Bags Hungária Kft.

They always keep their promises and are very flexible.

– Gaálné Andi, Josef Seibel Cipőipari Kft.

It is a reliable and fair agency, I happily recommend it to my partners, as well.

– Dányádi Andrea, Office Manager,
Bioszil Nonprofit Kft.

They always keep the deadlines, there are no surprises and misunderstandings.

– Kovács Tamás, Managing Director
Bogdány-Plusz Kft.

Many thanks for your quick and accurate work!

– Szalczgruber Mariann, Culture and Marketing Manager
Velence Thermál Spa

A fast, accurate, very flexible and fair agency.

– Katona Szilvia, Export Marketing and Sales Manager
Medikémia Zrt.

If I had met them sooner, I could have avoided lots of nuisances.

– Buzák Viktor, Zöldinvest Kft.

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